Emily Zelhart #5 

Hey Cougar fans!
It’s Emily here! Some may think that since it’s Spring season now that we aren’t as busy, but that’s far from the truth!! This is the semester where I usually take more credit hours than before since we aren’t traveling every weekend. That sadly means, some have classes on Friday 😦 Other than that, I make sure to stay on top of all my homework, get my study hours in, work a part time job, and of course volleyball!!
Some of you may not know, but during the game against Lincoln Land for district finals I unfortunately collided with another teammate and tore my ACL. It was not how I wanted to end my volleyball career at ICC, but at least I got to compete for the whole season. I had surgery over Thanksgiving break, and ever since then my mind has been on recovery. Sadly, I won’t be able to participate in any practices or tournaments this Spring season, but that doesn’t mean I don’t help out! I am enrolled in the weightlifting class that my team is in. I go and do the upper body and core things that I can do, then I do my therapy exercises. I help out with Sue at practices when she’s the only coach there. I serve, hit, toss for any drills whenever I can. It stinks being on the sideline, but I’m excited to cheer on my teammates this Spring!
I am currently involved in a business club at ICC called Phi Beta Lambda. It is not only for business oriented majors, but mainly that’s who is in it. I was not really able to participate in it in the fall since volleyball takes up most of my time, but I’m very excited to participate in all the fun activities we do this semester! For example, we all get sponsors and put on a mini golf course right here in the ICC cafeteria!! We also did a ticket drawing for people to get a chance to win the best parking spot on campus (“permit only” parking spot right by the bridge)!! This organization participates in both state and national level leadership conferences featuring competitive events and testing in a wide range of categories. I’m planning on competing in those conferences in April, but I’m not sure yet on which categories I’ll do. Either way, wish me luck!

January through March mainly consists of practices, which is us training for the few Spring tournaments we have. It’s fun to just get to play volleyball everyday with the team and not worry about traveling somewhere every week, very laid back. Great talking to you!!
-Emily #5

Claire Milnes #10

Hey Cougar fans! Claire here, it’s been awhile. Despite our social media dark period we have kept busy!

Once our official season ended we got some time to ourselves before heading back into the weight room. Other than that before break we all got together to play with and try out some new recruits. It was kind of nice to get a break from the hustle and bustle of season, but I found myself missing not spending everyday with my teammates. Going from spending everyday with people to barely seeing them throughout the week was hard.
Next thing we knew it was time to go home for winter break! It was odd spending so much time there considering I hadn’t been home in so long. I spent my time away, working and catching up with all my friends and family. It had been a long time since I’d spent time with any of them, so it was a nice change. I loved being able to spend some time with my little siblings! Before I knew it, classes were about to start again.
Some of you may not know that our Libero, Maria, has the opportunity to study abroad in Spain this semester. One of the hardest parts of this semester so far has been not having her around. She was one of my roommates and very best friends. So happy she is off experiencing the world, but miss her so much.
The volleyball team is enrolled in a volleyball class on Mondays and Wednesdays. This class gives us the opportunity to get in some practice time together and also with other ICC students. There are two boys in our class that offer a great challenge for our team. Now we have started practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On these days we get the chance to play together and work on improving our individual skills.
Great catching up with you!
Claire Milnes #10

Thanks for a great season (24-18)!

Hey Cougar fans! Post season officially started this past week. We practiced really hard Monday and Tuesday to prepare for our District Semi-Finals game against Lincoln College on Wednesday night. We worked on some new skills that we hoped would come in handy up at the net. We ended up beating Lincoln College in 5 hard-fought sets. We lost the first two sets, but pushed through the last three sets to take home a win. We were so excited that we overcame this obstacle and came together as a team. Later in the week, on Thursday and Friday, we began preparing for our District Finals game against Lincoln Land Community College on Saturday at the CougarPlex. We worked on a lot of individual skills on Thursday. On Friday, we read an article about how the Cubs overcame their 108-year drought and we discussed what we could take from away from their team this season. Some of the comments in the article that really stood out to us were, “Don’t let bad moments get you down,” and, “It came to doing the right thing over and over again,” but my favorite one was, “do-or-die.” This comment really stood out to me because this District Finals game determined whether our season was going to end or if we would get to advance to the National Championship. So it was kind of like a “do-or-die” moment for my team. After we finished reading the article, we practiced really hard during some 6-on-6 drills and we stayed focused the whole time. We all knew how important this next match was.

Saturday rolled around and we were all antsy to get out on the floor and do what we do best: play volleyball. Sue made it very clear that we all eat a good breakfast and lunch before our match. I got up around 7am (I’m an early bird), and ate some Captain Crunch Berries and did some homework. Before I knew it, it was time to head over to the CougarPlex for an exciting game. We ended up losing to LLCC in five really close sets. I have never seen my team fight so hard. It was such a fun season and I’m sad to see it come to an end.  We finished 24-18.

I’ve learned so much about life and volleyball this season and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Now it’s time for us Cougs to really focus on our schoolwork because finals will be here before we know it! Thanks for being the best fans ever! See you in the spring!

Grace Aeschleman #2

Post Season 

Hey there Coug fans!

It’s Emily here, a sophomore DS at ICC. This upcoming week is what we have been working for all season…. PLAYOFFS! We have two practices before our semi-final game on Wednesday, then we will have two practices after that to prepare for the big finals game on Saturday. The end goal of this week is to win to get a bid to nationals!!

This past week we played Carl Sandburg Tuesday night at home for our Sophomore night. It was a great night because we won in 3 sets! All of us sophomores played really well, and even the freshmen did a great job of contributing. Being a sophomore, it was nice recognizing all my other sophomore teammates and I in front of all our friends and family. The best part was the delicious cake and cookies we got to eat after the game (yes, Sue approved).

On Friday and Saturday, we traveled to Parkland College for our last tournament to play. On Friday we played beat Carl Sandburg in 4 sets, and lost a hard fought match to Kirkwood in 4 sets. On Saturday we swept IVCC and South Suburban both in 3! On Saturday, our win against IVCC was Sue’s 900th win as a coach here at ICC! Grace and Morgan decorated a volleyball with some of Sue’s many quotes, and the whole team signed the ball to give to her! It seemed weird that we were already competing in our last tournament… the season seemed like it flew by, but there’s even more fun to come in postseason!

To end this weekend, we had our team Halloween party on Sunday night at Sue’s!! Everyone got dressed up in their scariest or funniest costumes and went to Sue’s to have a nice home cooked meal. Grace and I decided to dress up as accountants because that’s what we are majoring in and are hoping to be one day! Accountants are pretty much nerds so it was pretty easy to find a costume for it. TR and our other coaches always dress up and try to scare us as we walk up to the front door which frightens me because I am not into any of that scary business… they even had a chainsaw!! (without the chain of course)

This Wednesday we play Lincoln for the semi-finals at the Cougarplex at 6pm. Finals landed at our place this year, so this Saturday, November 5th at 4 pm.   Come out to the and support us as we fight to get the bid to Nationals!!

Postseason is officially here!!


-Emily #5

An Incredible Experience

What’s up Coug Fans!

I am Brooke Jacobs, a sophomore here at ICC, and I am an outside hitter. As of right now we have a 5 games and a little over a week to prepare for post season.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to play some pretty tough competition in Hillsboro, Missouri at the Jefferson College Invitational. We went 1-3 with our single victory against Cloud County. Every game we came out and fought and give it our all, but sadly in some of them, we came up short. That’s okay though! Our coach, Sue, always says that each game is there to help prepare us for the postseason and better us a team. I am a strong believer in that and I think we grew significantly as individuals, as well as, together as a team, in just the four matches we played over the weekend.

Along with the invitational, on Wednesday, we had a game against Lincoln Land, whom we will be playing against in post season, in a fight to get to nationals. We lost 1-3 in a very competitive match. We didn’t walk away from the match with our heads hanging low, but instead with minds full of knowledge on what to do differently for our next encounter.

This season has been filled with many successes and defeats, but as a team we’ve continued to move forward and learn from each and every game/practice and I feel as if we will be fully prepared going into post season.

Being a part of the volleyball program has been an incredible experience the past two years and I love getting to play this sport everyday, but my other favorite part is getting to spend so much time with my teammates outside of the 30×60 foot rectangle. The part that goes unnoticed. We spend more time off the court together than on. Which includes: the 3 hour long bus rides to games, the team dinners after a long day of travel and two hard fought games, sharing a hotel room with the person you got the game winning block with, or even the lucky winner who braids your hair before every game. This program has brought me so many friendships that I can carry beyond our record and the outcome of our postseason.


This next week we have a home game against, Carl Sandburg, on Tuesday, at 6 p.m. at the cougarplex. Hope that you can come out and support us!

The Countdown Begins…

Hello Coug fans!

My name is Darian Baldwin, I am a sophomore setter here at Illinois Central College. It is CRAZY to think our season is reaching the end. I’m so thankful to have been a part of this program the past two years. I have met some amazing people and made unforgettable memories.

Last weekend we played Waubonsee and Sauk Valley both twice. We ended the weekend 3-1! Friday we had a tough loss to Sauk but came back the next game with a victory over Waubonsee.  We enjoyed signing posters following the match for 2016 campers.  Saturday we hosted pink out matches honoring the fight against cancer. Saturday we finished the day with two wins. That now leaves us 18-12 this season. More wins to come for these Cougs! It’s always great to play at home and have friends, family, and members of the community come give us their support. We appreciate all fans that follow us and continue to support us throughout our season!

Last Sunday, some of the our players and coaches went to the Illinois State University Volleyball game to watch former ICC players Jac Twing and Megan Beutke. It’s always a great learning experience and fun to watch a higher-level team play.

The countdown begins…

  • 16 days remain before District Semi Finals
  • 19 days remain before District Finals
  • 31 days remain before the National Tournament


Let’s go Cougs!!

~ Darian #11

We loved Texas

Hey Coug fans!  This is Paige, returning middle/right side hitter! The semester has flown by so far, I can’t believe that it is already October! My classes have been going well so far and I am really enjoying them. I am majoring in Dental Hygiene. I really like my dental classes and find everything so interesting! All of my classes are located on the downtown campus this year since I am in a health careers program. Balancing school and volleyball has been much easier this year, even with all of my dental classes. Not only has school flown by but so has volleyball! I can’t believe that in little over a month our season will be over! I guess it’s true that time does fly when you are having fun!

This season has been really fun for me and my teammates. This past week was a crazy one for sure but it was definitely a fun one! Last Wednesday night we played #1 ranked Parkland (we are #6). It was such a fun and good game, even though we did not come out with a win! We hit a few bumps in the road during the game that I believe would have changed the outcome of the game. The following day the team and I loaded up our bus and took off to Chicago. We stopped for a yummy lunch at Portillo’s and then went to the airport and boarded the plane for Houston, Texas! Once we arrived we found some dinner, checked into the hotel and got some sleep for our next day of games!


Friday we played two really good division 1 teams and sadly lost both. Saturday we played 2 more really good teams and ended up with one win on Saturday. That night we all got dressed up for a yummy dinner at Chappell Hill BBQ and Bakery, it was delish! On Sunday our flight didn’t leave until 9:55 pm, which meant we had the whole day to spend in Texas! We got to go to the Houston outlet malls and it was so much fun. I think it is safe to say that we all spent a little more than anticipated! After that we went to Kemah, a boardwalk on the Gulf that had fun little shops, restaurants and carnival rides! It was such a beautiful day out so it was fun to be able to walk by the water and enjoy the boardwalk. While at the boardwalk we ate dinner at Landry’s, a super good seafood restaurant. I got the grilled shrimp and rice which was amazing! After dinner we headed for the airport and got on our plane. We landed in Chicago around midnight and then got on our bus and drove home. We arrived at the Cougar Plex around 3:15 am. It was a really long night but we made it back home safely.

While we were in Houston we got to see two really awesome people that are a big part of ICC volleyball. Former head coach Karen Guthmiller and former player and assistant coach Lindsay Herman! It was so great to see them and get to spend time with them! We had a really great time in Texas, playing some really good competition and doing fun things! Our coaches did a really great job making sure we had a fun time and coaching us! It is good to be home though!

Come out this weekend to our home matches and support us on Friday and Saturday!  Friday we play at 5 pm and 7pm and Saturday we play at 1pm and 3pm (Pink Out Match).

Paige Pasley #8