Pre Season – Week 1

Hey Cougar Fans!

This is Maria Alferova, a returning sophomore libero on the team! So it’s officially our favorite time of the year- preseason!

To start out with, a little bit about me. I have been in this volleyball program for the past year and have absolutely loved my experience so far! Although I did not participate in the spring season because I studied abroad in Spain for a semester (I would highly recommend doing so!!), playing volleyball during the fall was an amazing part of my college experience. Some of my best friends are my teammates, and the entire team atmosphere/chemistry within ICC Volleyball is very welcoming! As far as the future goes, I am currently an international business major and am hoping to minor in Spanish. I will be graduating after this fall, and hopefully heading to Florida International University to continue working towards my bachelor’s degree. One fun fact about me is that my whole family is actually Russian and I am able to speak Russian fluently too!

Now enough about me, let’s talk about Cougar volleyball! Although we are going to work very hard for these next two weeks, we also learn a lot of sports psychology and do some great team activities. This past week was the beginning of it all, and we were able to try a variety of fun activities throughout our practices! As far as conditioning goes, we mixed it up a bit by doing a spin class, Zumba, and yoga at the end of the week. They were all a great experience and the instructors did a great job with the classes.

We are also lucky to have our assistant coaches Emma and Danie help us in the classroom with sports psychology and nutrition information. Emma is majoring in dietetics and Danie received her master’s degree in sports psychology, so we are very grateful that they are here to help us learn more about the mental part of volleyball.  Looking forward into next week, we are very excited to have, one of our favorite coaches, Karen join us for a week.

Overall, we are all very excited for this upcoming season and are having a blast so far during our preseason where we are working hard and learning lots. We hope you have a chance to make it out to a game! Our first competition will be the alumni tournament on the 12th at 10 am. The entry is free so come out and see your cougars play! Here is a link to our schedule for the season.  Volleyball 2017

-Maria Alferova, #1


Wrapping up Summer

Hello Coug fans!!

It’s Leah here and I hope you’re all having a great summer!  For me, this summer has consisted of work, a summer class, camps, and a new puppy, Beau!!  He’s a cutie!!

On another note, school will be starting and your lady cougz will be back in action!  I’ve had a pretty busy summer and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to serve as a huddle leader at a camp called FCA which is Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  One of our assistant coaches, Janelle told me about the camp and I was so glad that I took the opportunity!  This was such an amazing experience because I was able to put my leadership skills to test and teach other girls about volleyball along with Jesus!  It was an amazing week to grow and to meet all of the other athletes and fellow huddle leaders!

Last week at ICC we had the Sue Sinclair specialty camps which contains all skill sets such as, setting, passing, and hitting.  I got the chance to help out at the libero camp which was very interesting because I’m not exactly a passer but, I made it work!  The ages ranged from 7th-12th and the hitter camp which was more in my element ranged from ages 9th-12th.  It was great to see the girls grow in their skills in just a few short days!!  It was a great way to end the final camps of the summer.

Our summer weight lifting class just came to an end last Wednesday which means preseason is right around the corner!  Less than 10 days to be exact!  Sand volleyball will be wrapping up this week along with my summer class, and then it’ll be all about volleyball before school starts back up!  It’s crazy that this will be my last season as a cougar.. time flies!


Hope to talk to you again soon!

-Leah #6

Sand VB & Camp

Hey Cougar fans, what a busy summer it has been between school and volleyball! This summer I have been playing sand league with my friend Mary!! We play every Tuesday. Most of the team is playing in the league and we enjoy the challenge of advancing our game in a new environment.  We have played some memorable teams, my personal favorite was a mother daughter duo. We have a couple more weeks of sand left and I am sad it is coming to an end, but It has been a great experience.I cannot wait until next summer!!!

ICC has also had two successful weeks of campers.  Two weeks ago we had grades 4-8 come tune up their skills with us at the Cougar Plex.  The kids I can only assume had a great time and the staff (players) as well! It was cool to see the kids improve throughout the week, they started with all the fundamentals and by the end of the week they were basically pros.

ICC camp is the place to be because not only are they have a great time but they are improving their volleyball skills as well!!!  This coming week we’d love to see you join us for our specialty camps.  You can register at:


July 18:
 Serve Receive & Defense Camp for campers going into grades 7th-12th, 1-8 pm
July 19 & 20:   Setting Camp for grades 9th-12th, 1-4 pm both days
July 19 & 20:   Hitting & Blocking Camp for grades 9th-12th, 5-8 pm

-Jodi Daniel:)

Teammates = Lifetime Friendships

Hey Cougar Fans!
It’s your favorite Coug Lexi talking to you on the blog this week.
My summer has been absolutely great! I spend a lot of time between volleyball, work, and summer school. I’m taking Biology this summer along with a 6:30 am weight lifting class with the rest of the team and it’s terrible. The class isn’t terrible, but having to take them right after each other is what is terrible. I go Monday and Wednesday 6:30 am until 12:50 pm. I am one tired girl after that’s done. And a majority of the time I have to go to work right after. But besides that I have been living the life. Having Darian, Taylor, Claire, and Maria here has been amazing. We are constantly doing something. I can’t wait for the fall to start up and for the season to get rolling. It’s gonna be a great year.
We have another week of volleyball camp at the CougarPlex this week for 4th-8th graders.  Hope to see you in the gym.
Sincerely your favorite coug,
Lexi #15





Summer Life

Heyyy Cougar Fans, its Claire!

Well it seems the we have made a full cycle and it is once again my turn to update you all on what goes on in the wonderful world of your Lady Cougz.
Summer is officially upon us! This is going to be the first summer that I have ever spent away from home. It was a hard decision, but with my future in mind, I opted to live on campus this summer to be more involved with the team and to take some summer classes. This summer I am enrolled in 10 credit hours. This might be a lot, but it will definitely pay off. After this summer semester I get to start my classes to work towards becoming a Paralegal! I could not be more excited to start this, perhaps this is why I am willing to work so hard this summer.
Summer can’t be all business though. Lucky for me, my roommates, Taylor and Maria, are also staying on campus this summer. It was comforting to know that I would not be staying here all alone all summer. Already this summer I have traveled to Chicago, twice. The first was just for a fun beach day with friends. For any of you that have seen me in person, you might have noticed that I am very pale. With that being said, all I have to say about this trip is ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN! lol Sunburn is not fun. A few days later I made another trip to the Windy City too see the musical Hamilton, with some of my family.  I have been looking forward to seeing this production since Christmas. Ten out of ten would recommend this musical to anyone of you!  I am so excited to spend the summer with my friends going on many more crazy adventures.
Now down to business, volleyball. Just because it’s summer does not mean that we get to slack! Those of us that are around the area, are enrolled in a weight-lifting class. This course meets Monday and Wednesday at 6:30 am. Now, I am not a morning person, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. This means that if I have to drag myself out of bed, a little grumpy for our team, then that’s what has to be done. Another part of our summer volleyball lives, is sand doubles. Every Tuesday night, all your Lady Cougz, incoming and returning, venture out to the Riverplex. Both of these activities is a great way for our team to bond. I feel that the closer we can all get now, the better it will be when fall season rolls around.
Thanks for listening!
Talk to you again soon.
Claire Milnes #10

Life as a 2 Sport Athlete

Hey everyone! It’s Brooke Gardner (#13),  I play volleyball and softball at ICC. I am currently working on getting my associates in science at ICC, which I will use at my next college to major in radiography! Being a 2 sport athlete is really fun because I get to have 2 groups of people at school that are like a family to me. I also get to go to a lot of different place and stay in a lot of hotels (which I love).

This year for softball our team did really well! We were only ranked fourth in our region, but ended up getting fourth in the nation! Nationals was really fun and I can’t wait to experience it again this fall with my volleyball family!

Balancing the two sports isn’t very hard because I never have to do both at once. During volleyball season I only do volleyball things, and during softball season I only do softball things. As far as studies go, there is a lot of spare time during the season to get homework done; like bus rides or after practice. I’m very fortunate that I only have to work in the summer, so that’s one less responsibility I have to worry about during the school year.

My summer will pretty much include working at my parents ice cream shop, working volleyball events at the Cougarplex, playing sand volleyball, and working out. Our summer workout class is starting soon and I’m very excited because I love our instructor! Our workouts prepare us very well for the season. I can’t wait to see what this season has in store.  🏐

Grace Aeschleman #2

Hey Cougar fans! Grace Aeschleman here, middle/right side hitter, presenting you with the last blog of the season! I cannot believe my volleyball career at ICC is over. These past two years flew by so fast. I have decided not to play on and to just focus on my studies for the next three years. In August, I will be transferring to Illinois State University where I will be majoring in accounting. I can’t wait to see where this new journey takes me in life.


Last week I finished up all of my classes and turned in my last homework assignments of the year. On Wednesday, I took a field trip with my geology class to Marquette Heights to do a little hiking. We went to Independence Park and learned all about the history of the rocks there. We walked through the stream that runs through the park and found some pretty neat waterfalls and fossils. I don’t have any pictures to share with you from it because I was too nervous about dropping my phone in the water! (It was a pretty deep stream.)

Since we finished our spring season last week, not much has been going on with volleyball, but we have all been hitting the books pretty hard. Finals are right around the corner. Summer break is only one short week away! I have three finals this week, and then I’m all done! I can’t wait to relax and not worry about homework for a couple months. If you don’t have many plans for this summer, I would definitely check out our summer volleyball camps that we host at ICC. Our coach, Sue, even has some of her own specialty camps where you can focus on just one part of your game! If you’re interested, there is more information at

I’m so thankful for all of the friendships and memories I have made over these past two years. I’ve learned so much more about the game and I can’t wait to see if I have the chance to be a coach sometime in the future. I wish the best of luck to all of the sophomores with their future plans. It’s crazy to think I won’t be seeing you guys around school next year. I will miss everyone so much!

Have a great summer break!!

-Grace Aeschleman #2