Lady Cougars go 3-1 on the weekend

Hey Cougar Fans!

It’s your favorite cougar Alexus Mercer speaking with you this week.


This weekend we had a lot of fun traveling to Ohio! It was a long 6 hours but it was totally worth it. We were invited to play at the Owens Express Invitational in Perrysburg, OH.  We saw a lot of fierce competition this weekend but battled through. We won our first two matches against Catawba (ranked 4th in pre-season polls) and Muskegon (ranked 19th in pre-season polls) on Saturday! That was a super fun day filled with cheers and screaming. The next day we faced D1 Wallace State and faced a tough lost. But we rallied back for the last match against Sinclair Community College and went home with a victory. Leaving the weekend 3-1 is beyond exciting and showed how much hard work we put in this weekend.


Though this weekend was about volleyball, we did have a lot of fun doing other things. The hotel we stayed at was French Quarter styled and had a huge pool and hot tub. The girls and I had a great time swimming and enjoying each others time! Even the bus ride home was extremely fun because a few of us sat in the back and sang old Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Whitney Houston songs. Before you knew it we were back home.
This week to come is gonna be filled with a lot of practices in order to prepare for the Kirkwood tournament coming up. Wish us luck!
Sincerely your Fav Coug,
Lexi Mercer #15

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