Jess #12

Hi Cougar Fans!

I am Jess Norris, an incoming Freshman middle hitter! I am extremely excited about taking the next step here at ICC for my academics and volleyball career!

First, I will show who I am a little bit. I graduated from Washington Community High School, where I played for the varsity volleyball team for three years. At ICC I plan to study sports psychology. I practiced with the team during their past pre-season and that is when I began to realize that College is very different from high school ball! We have amazing team chemistry and enjoy being together on and off the court. We eat lunch as one in between practices and spend a lot of time just being around each other.

One thing people don’t know about me is that I am a huge nerd. I love to read books. I have read 800 page novels in as short of time as two days! Although My favorite book (series) is The Mortal Instruments series, which is actually what the TV show Shadowhunters is based on. Another reason I am a nerd is because I absolutely love Star Trek. My favorite Star Trek movie is The Voyage Home. I also love to write, specifically poetry. This past summer my family and I took our last vacation, for a while, to Florida. I played in the National volleyball tournament for the third and final time. After all of the volleyball was over I got to go to Disney and enjoy the rest of my vacation!

Now let’s get down to the good stuff. Preseason has been fast paced and hard work right from the beginning. There is something we always need to be doing. This past weekend we gave cougar nation a preview of this years volleyball squad, and might I say we did really well. This years Alumni scrimmage was once again a success. This was my first one and I can say that I really enjoyed it and the alumni know how to seriously challenge us! This week Karen came to see us. She coached volleyball at ICC before our current coach, Sue. Karen has a lot of good information for us and I am extremely excited to hear what else she can help us with in the next week. Every year she flies in from Texas to help us become the best team we can be, and we are extremely grateful for what she has done for us.

It is crazy how fast preseason has flown by us, we’ll be in our first competition days in the blink of an eye! Make sure you come and support your Lady Cougars this season as we plan to make this a great year! Talk to you again soon!

Jess Norris #12


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