Pre Season – Week 1

Hey Cougar Fans!

This is Maria Alferova, a returning sophomore libero on the team! So it’s officially our favorite time of the year- preseason!

To start out with, a little bit about me. I have been in this volleyball program for the past year and have absolutely loved my experience so far! Although I did not participate in the spring season because I studied abroad in Spain for a semester (I would highly recommend doing so!!), playing volleyball during the fall was an amazing part of my college experience. Some of my best friends are my teammates, and the entire team atmosphere/chemistry within ICC Volleyball is very welcoming! As far as the future goes, I am currently an international business major and am hoping to minor in Spanish. I will be graduating after this fall, and hopefully heading to Florida International University to continue working towards my bachelor’s degree. One fun fact about me is that my whole family is actually Russian and I am able to speak Russian fluently too!

Now enough about me, let’s talk about Cougar volleyball! Although we are going to work very hard for these next two weeks, we also learn a lot of sports psychology and do some great team activities. This past week was the beginning of it all, and we were able to try a variety of fun activities throughout our practices! As far as conditioning goes, we mixed it up a bit by doing a spin class, Zumba, and yoga at the end of the week. They were all a great experience and the instructors did a great job with the classes.

We are also lucky to have our assistant coaches Emma and Danie help us in the classroom with sports psychology and nutrition information. Emma is majoring in dietetics and Danie received her master’s degree in sports psychology, so we are very grateful that they are here to help us learn more about the mental part of volleyball.  Looking forward into next week, we are very excited to have, one of our favorite coaches, Karen join us for a week.

Overall, we are all very excited for this upcoming season and are having a blast so far during our preseason where we are working hard and learning lots. We hope you have a chance to make it out to a game! Our first competition will be the alumni tournament on the 12th at 10 am. The entry is free so come out and see your cougars play! Here is a link to our schedule for the season.  Volleyball 2017

-Maria Alferova, #1


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