Wrapping up Summer

Hello Coug fans!!

It’s Leah here and I hope you’re all having a great summer!  For me, this summer has consisted of work, a summer class, camps, and a new puppy, Beau!!  He’s a cutie!!

On another note, school will be starting and your lady cougz will be back in action!  I’ve had a pretty busy summer and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!  A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to serve as a huddle leader at a camp called FCA which is Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  One of our assistant coaches, Janelle told me about the camp and I was so glad that I took the opportunity!  This was such an amazing experience because I was able to put my leadership skills to test and teach other girls about volleyball along with Jesus!  It was an amazing week to grow and to meet all of the other athletes and fellow huddle leaders!

Last week at ICC we had the Sue Sinclair specialty camps which contains all skill sets such as, setting, passing, and hitting.  I got the chance to help out at the libero camp which was very interesting because I’m not exactly a passer but, I made it work!  The ages ranged from 7th-12th and the hitter camp which was more in my element ranged from ages 9th-12th.  It was great to see the girls grow in their skills in just a few short days!!  It was a great way to end the final camps of the summer.

Our summer weight lifting class just came to an end last Wednesday which means preseason is right around the corner!  Less than 10 days to be exact!  Sand volleyball will be wrapping up this week along with my summer class, and then it’ll be all about volleyball before school starts back up!  It’s crazy that this will be my last season as a cougar.. time flies!


Hope to talk to you again soon!

-Leah #6


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