Teammates = Lifetime Friendships

Hey Cougar Fans!
It’s your favorite Coug Lexi talking to you on the blog this week.
My summer has been absolutely great! I spend a lot of time between volleyball, work, and summer school. I’m taking Biology this summer along with a 6:30 am weight lifting class with the rest of the team and it’s terrible. The class isn’t terrible, but having to take them right after each other is what is terrible. I go Monday and Wednesday 6:30 am until 12:50 pm. I am one tired girl after that’s done. And a majority of the time I have to go to work right after. But besides that I have been living the life. Having Darian, Taylor, Claire, and Maria here has been amazing. We are constantly doing something. I can’t wait for the fall to start up and for the season to get rolling. It’s gonna be a great year.
We have another week of volleyball camp at the CougarPlex this week for 4th-8th graders.  Hope to see you in the gym.
Sincerely your favorite coug,
Lexi #15






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