Life as a 2 Sport Athlete

Hey everyone! It’s Brooke Gardner (#13),  I play volleyball and softball at ICC. I am currently working on getting my associates in science at ICC, which I will use at my next college to major in radiography! Being a 2 sport athlete is really fun because I get to have 2 groups of people at school that are like a family to me. I also get to go to a lot of different place and stay in a lot of hotels (which I love).

This year for softball our team did really well! We were only ranked fourth in our region, but ended up getting fourth in the nation! Nationals was really fun and I can’t wait to experience it again this fall with my volleyball family!

Balancing the two sports isn’t very hard because I never have to do both at once. During volleyball season I only do volleyball things, and during softball season I only do softball things. As far as studies go, there is a lot of spare time during the season to get homework done; like bus rides or after practice. I’m very fortunate that I only have to work in the summer, so that’s one less responsibility I have to worry about during the school year.

My summer will pretty much include working at my parents ice cream shop, working volleyball events at the Cougarplex, playing sand volleyball, and working out. Our summer workout class is starting soon and I’m very excited because I love our instructor! Our workouts prepare us very well for the season. I can’t wait to see what this season has in store.  🏐


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