Alexus Mercer #15

Hey Cougar Fans! It’s your favorite freshman right side hitter, Alexus Mercer, writing the blog for the week!

These last two weeks have been nice and cozy without tournaments, but this weekend we are very excited to get back in it and take care of business. We will go up against Bradley, Western, and Chicago State. We are ready to compete at a higher level and test both our strengths and weaknesses. After this week we have one last tournament and I got to say I am very sad. This season has been a great one and I am not ready to see our sophomores leave! This past year I have developed amazing friendships and learned so much through the leadership of the older girls. SO with that being said, I am dedicating my blog to the sophomores.

Morgan, thanks for being an understanding setter that took time to work with me and understand/ connect with me as a hitter. Good luck next year!

Paige, thanks for the laughs and the elbows in my side when I am trying to set up a block. Wouldn’t want anyone else to step on me so much and give me so many bruises!

Brooke, thanks for being hilarious and being that one person to always laugh at my dumb jokes. Grateful that we became buds and I am very appreciative of our secret handshake! I don’t want to see you leave us but I know you are going to do amazing next year at your new school. Good luck.

Darian, thanks for helping me grow as an individual and as a player. I love your brutal honesty (even when I didn’t) and I love the connection we have on the court. Thank you for being my person.

Emily, thank you for becoming one of my best friends this season. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, and the talks about all our frustrations. Thank you for talking things out with me and the constant encouragement. Thank you for listening.

Grace, thanks for being my bud and other right side. I am going to miss our talks on the sidelines and the way we connected over our position.

Whitney, thanks for your endless amount of energy and advice. You were absolutely amazing this season with helping myself and other girls work stuff out mentally and physically on the court.

Thank you sophomores for everything that you each brought individually to this team! Thank you guys for the good times and the bad times! Thank you guys for being my second family.  Excited for the time we all have left together this next couple weeks. Much love,

img_0355         Alexus Mercer #15


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