Darian Baldwin #11

Hello Cougar fans! Guess what this week is? SPRING BREAK!

The only sad part about being eight weeks into the semester is that our eight week volleyball class and weight lifting class has ended. Our team is required to take these two classes taught by our assistant coach, Paloma Simundic. There were two men that also joined us in the volleyball class. We can’t thank them enough for being a part of it! TK and Jameson challenged our hitter and defensive specialist because of their blocking and hitting abilities. Everyone has such a great time competing with and against each other. We also love to see the progress we have made in the weight room. The best part about lifting and workouts are the results. I think we can all agree that our biggest accomplishment is the number of push-ups we are able to do now! Though our classes are over, we will still be hitting the gym and weight room. Practices will be throughout the week to prepare us for our upcoming spring tournaments. We will start off our spring season by a tournament at Northern Illinois University on March 25th! We will be competing against Chicago State, Illinois State, Lewis, McHenry, and Winona. This tournament will be great competition! 

I have exciting news for you all! I visited University of Saint Francis in Joliet Illinois on February 27th. The visit started off by a campus tour. The buildings are absolutely beautiful! Next was a meeting with an advisor. The tour guide and advisor were so incredibly helpful the entire time we were with them. Then I met with Coach Currier and Coach Cox for lunch and then practice. I loved getting to meet with the players and it was even better that I was able to practice with them. I left the campus knowing that University of Saint Francis was the school for me. I am so blessed to say that I will be continuing my academic and athletic career as a Fighting Saint! 

~ Darian #11


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