Whitney Nichols #14

Cougar fans! What’s up? Whitney Nichols here to you the 411 on what’s been happening lately. As many of you all know, we are currently in Spring season, which consists of practices, weights, and of course tournaments. As some of you may not know, I dislocated my left knee while playing Parkland back on October 5th. I had surgery December 9th and I’m busy as work with physical therapy and gaining back my strength. It was a scary feeling not knowing if I could ever play the sport I love but found out in late January that I would be able to play again. YAY!

So, on February 14th… Valentine’s Day, I committed to Greenville College to continue my academic and athletic career. Let’s just say, that was a pretty great feeling. Due to my knee injury, I unfortunately had to forgo Spring season. But, I’ve learned so much about the game by just sitting there and watching my team play. I’ve learned so much more about the little things of the game of volleyball. It’s amazing what we can learn while were not on the court, playing.


Besides a demanding schedule in the classroom, I also have a demanding schedule in the show barn. Yes, I’m a livestock girl. I was born and raised on a pig farm, and I couldn’t imagine my life without those four-legged animals. It’s a year-round job and it definitely keeps me on my toes. From witnessing their birth, to watching them grow up is an amazing site to see. I’m thankful every day for the pig industry because it has taught me many life lessons, not to mention, I met my best friend through the pig industry. This summer will be full of pig shows, strength training for my knee, and of course volleyball.

As always, Go Cougs!

Whit #14


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