Leah TerBush #6

Hey Cougar fans!

It’s Leah and wow have we been busy around here.  Since this is the Spring I am taking a bigger class load than I do in the fall.   Most of us do this because we’re not on the road as much but that means more study time!  Although the schedule as an athlete isn’t as demanding in the spring as it is in the fall, it still takes a lot of work.

This past Thursday, Brooke Jacobs, Morgan, Taylor, and I along with 55 other student athletes got recognized for earning academic honors in the fall semester.  Brooke and Taylor earned the Athletic Director’s Award, Morgan earned the Dean’s List Award, and I earned the President’s List Award.  It was super exciting to see our hard work payoff.  Along with that, this past Tuesday I got the opportunity to be inducted into the Sigma Kappa Delta which is an English honor society here at ICC.  This again was refreshing to see hard work paying off and has tremendous benefits for wherever I choose to go after ICC.  For example, an activity that I would participate in is the Adopt-A-Highway which is one way that the organization and SKD members can give happiness back to the community.

On another note, we still have our volleyball class Mondays and Wednesdays and it’s been so fun!  Especially because it’s awesome to see everyone improving and getting stronger throughout the weeks.  This makes me so excited for the upcoming spring tournaments.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have practice and that’s always a good time for us to all be able to play as a team since not everyone is able to make it to the class on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Whitney and Emily have been such huge help whenever Sue is the only coach in practice on Tuesday and Thursday.  Although, I wish they were out on the court playing with us I know they’ll be motivating us on the sideline.

Intramurals started back up a couple of weeks ago so some of the players stick around after practice and officiate the games and even occasionally play.  It’s always fun to watch the students who play get involved and have fun doing it!

With Spring break coming up the first half of the semester is almost done which means we’ll be having midterms soon!  It’s crazy to think that spring competition is about to start back up and challenge and push us all in ways that will only better us in the upcoming season.  I’m so excited to see what all we accomplish this spring!!  Wish us luck!

Talk to you soon!

Leah TerBush #6


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