Emily Zelhart #5 

Hey Cougar fans!
It’s Emily here! Some may think that since it’s Spring season now that we aren’t as busy, but that’s far from the truth!! This is the semester where I usually take more credit hours than before since we aren’t traveling every weekend. That sadly means, some have classes on Friday 😦 Other than that, I make sure to stay on top of all my homework, get my study hours in, work a part time job, and of course volleyball!!
Some of you may not know, but during the game against Lincoln Land for district finals I unfortunately collided with another teammate and tore my ACL. It was not how I wanted to end my volleyball career at ICC, but at least I got to compete for the whole season. I had surgery over Thanksgiving break, and ever since then my mind has been on recovery. Sadly, I won’t be able to participate in any practices or tournaments this Spring season, but that doesn’t mean I don’t help out! I am enrolled in the weightlifting class that my team is in. I go and do the upper body and core things that I can do, then I do my therapy exercises. I help out with Sue at practices when she’s the only coach there. I serve, hit, toss for any drills whenever I can. It stinks being on the sideline, but I’m excited to cheer on my teammates this Spring!
I am currently involved in a business club at ICC called Phi Beta Lambda. It is not only for business oriented majors, but mainly that’s who is in it. I was not really able to participate in it in the fall since volleyball takes up most of my time, but I’m very excited to participate in all the fun activities we do this semester! For example, we all get sponsors and put on a mini golf course right here in the ICC cafeteria!! We also did a ticket drawing for people to get a chance to win the best parking spot on campus (“permit only” parking spot right by the bridge)!! This organization participates in both state and national level leadership conferences featuring competitive events and testing in a wide range of categories. I’m planning on competing in those conferences in April, but I’m not sure yet on which categories I’ll do. Either way, wish me luck!

January through March mainly consists of practices, which is us training for the few Spring tournaments we have. It’s fun to just get to play volleyball everyday with the team and not worry about traveling somewhere every week, very laid back. Great talking to you!!
-Emily #5


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