Thanks for a great season (24-18)!

Hey Cougar fans! Post season officially started this past week. We practiced really hard Monday and Tuesday to prepare for our District Semi-Finals game against Lincoln College on Wednesday night. We worked on some new skills that we hoped would come in handy up at the net. We ended up beating Lincoln College in 5 hard-fought sets. We lost the first two sets, but pushed through the last three sets to take home a win. We were so excited that we overcame this obstacle and came together as a team. Later in the week, on Thursday and Friday, we began preparing for our District Finals game against Lincoln Land Community College on Saturday at the CougarPlex. We worked on a lot of individual skills on Thursday. On Friday, we read an article about how the Cubs overcame their 108-year drought and we discussed what we could take from away from their team this season. Some of the comments in the article that really stood out to us were, “Don’t let bad moments get you down,” and, “It came to doing the right thing over and over again,” but my favorite one was, “do-or-die.” This comment really stood out to me because this District Finals game determined whether our season was going to end or if we would get to advance to the National Championship. So it was kind of like a “do-or-die” moment for my team. After we finished reading the article, we practiced really hard during some 6-on-6 drills and we stayed focused the whole time. We all knew how important this next match was.

Saturday rolled around and we were all antsy to get out on the floor and do what we do best: play volleyball. Sue made it very clear that we all eat a good breakfast and lunch before our match. I got up around 7am (I’m an early bird), and ate some Captain Crunch Berries and did some homework. Before I knew it, it was time to head over to the CougarPlex for an exciting game. We ended up losing to LLCC in five really close sets. I have never seen my team fight so hard. It was such a fun season and I’m sad to see it come to an end.  We finished 24-18.

I’ve learned so much about life and volleyball this season and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Now it’s time for us Cougs to really focus on our schoolwork because finals will be here before we know it! Thanks for being the best fans ever! See you in the spring!

Grace Aeschleman #2


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