An Incredible Experience

What’s up Coug Fans!

I am Brooke Jacobs, a sophomore here at ICC, and I am an outside hitter. As of right now we have a 5 games and a little over a week to prepare for post season.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to play some pretty tough competition in Hillsboro, Missouri at the Jefferson College Invitational. We went 1-3 with our single victory against Cloud County. Every game we came out and fought and give it our all, but sadly in some of them, we came up short. That’s okay though! Our coach, Sue, always says that each game is there to help prepare us for the postseason and better us a team. I am a strong believer in that and I think we grew significantly as individuals, as well as, together as a team, in just the four matches we played over the weekend.

Along with the invitational, on Wednesday, we had a game against Lincoln Land, whom we will be playing against in post season, in a fight to get to nationals. We lost 1-3 in a very competitive match. We didn’t walk away from the match with our heads hanging low, but instead with minds full of knowledge on what to do differently for our next encounter.

This season has been filled with many successes and defeats, but as a team we’ve continued to move forward and learn from each and every game/practice and I feel as if we will be fully prepared going into post season.

Being a part of the volleyball program has been an incredible experience the past two years and I love getting to play this sport everyday, but my other favorite part is getting to spend so much time with my teammates outside of the 30×60 foot rectangle. The part that goes unnoticed. We spend more time off the court together than on. Which includes: the 3 hour long bus rides to games, the team dinners after a long day of travel and two hard fought games, sharing a hotel room with the person you got the game winning block with, or even the lucky winner who braids your hair before every game. This program has brought me so many friendships that I can carry beyond our record and the outcome of our postseason.


This next week we have a home game against, Carl Sandburg, on Tuesday, at 6 p.m. at the cougarplex. Hope that you can come out and support us!


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