Come Watch us on Friday

Hey Cougar Fans! It’s Alexus Mercer.I’m a freshman right side hitter from Pekin, Illinois. I live at home, but you could basically say I live on campus since I am there all the time. I’m almost always at Brooke or Taylor’s place, and they must love me because they let me come back everyday. A fun fact about me is that I love to read. If I could, I would spend all my time shut in my room reading novel after novel… Well, at least for a couple days. The love of my life is two feet tall and 60 pounds. He’s name is Bruiser and he loves treats and getting into the garbage. But he’s a keeper!

Life on campus is great! I have met so many unique people in my classes and let me tell you, the food is great. The cafeteria has almost everything your heart desires. Something I get almost every day is an Arnold Palmer Tea. They’re amazing! After school is when the real work starts! I get to go to the CougarPlex for volleyball practice and see each of my teammates beautiful faces! That’s when the stress of a long school day begins to fade and I can do what I love! Which of course, is play volleyball. At Pekin, I played in the Mid-Illini Conference against Leah, Maria, and Brooke J! So it is so weird that I am now playing on the same team as each of them! But I love it, and them! It’s amazing all the relationships I have made with these girls I see everyday.

This past weekend we went 2-2 in our own tournament! On Friday, we started our afternoon playing Lincoln Trail and we beat them in three! Next, we battled with Lincoln Land and lost, 1-3. It was a tough match but we can’t wait to face them next time!

Saturday we faced Rend Lake and we beat them in three! It was a fun game! For our last game of the tourney we faced off against Jefferson College. For those of you who don’t know, Jefferson is ranked in the DI in the NJCAA, we are DII. We battled hard against Jefferson and won the first set over them! After that we went back and forth, we won set three lost set four, in the fifth set we lost to Jefferson College. Even though we lost, as a team we were proud because we competed fiercely and it was a great game overall.

This week, we are back on the road Tuesday to play Southwestern Illinois Central College, and then on Friday we face Lewis & Clark at home! Be there or be square. Let’s go Cougs!

~ Lexie #15


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