Our Latest Adventures

Hey there Cougar fans!

It’s Maria Alferova here writing about the latest adventures ICC has had in the past week. To begin with, a little about me. I am a freshman libero/DS from Morton, IL and I couldn’t be any more excited to be here! In addition to playing volleyball this fall, I am actually planning on studying abroad in Spain during the spring. I want to major in International Business with a minor in Spanish. I picked this major because of my love for traveling and experiencing different cultures, so studying abroad will be a great opportunity for me to start my journey    Another fun fact about me is that I am Russian! I am an only child, but both of my parents and all of my extended family is Russian, and we all still continue to speak Russian whenever we are together. We moved here when I was 6 years old by winning the Green Card Lottery! I knew absolutely zero English, however my mother used to work for the U.S. Consulate in Russia and had a pretty good understanding of the language, so she sat right next to me during first grade and translated everything! That is how I learned the language and I am always thankful for everything she does and has done for me ever since.

As far as life on campus, things are going great. I am living in the campus apartments along with my roommates Claire, Kenzie, and Taylor. It’s awesome to live with three other volleyball girls because we have the same schedule and are always helping each other out! Brooke Gardner is also right below us, so we get to hang out with her a lot of the time as well! I am taking four classes currently with one of them being an online class, which is really testing my time management skills. I am also in the Honors Program and will be doing some community service/volunteer work at the CougarPlex during this fall semester for it. Having such a demanding schedule is definitely not easy; however all the life lessons I learn along the way makes it all worth it.

Now onto the best part: volleyball!!!! This past week has included some great wins, along with a couple losses. We played Frontier on Tuesday and won in 3 sets! That left us on a good note to start the tournament we had this past weekend at the Kirkwood Invitational. We went 2-2 and played some great volleyball. Although we did lose to two of the teams, it’s crazy how much of an improvement can be seen in our team in just two short weeks! We put in an immense amount of work every practice, and it’s awesome to see that work paying off. Especially when we beat the #5 seed in the NJCAA Division 2 poll! We played an absolutely incredible game against them. That win was fueled with positivity, teamwork, focus, and energy. We hope to bring that attitude with us to all of our future games!

This upcoming week we host our first tournament right here at the CougarPlex! Come out and support your Cougar volleyball players this weekend. We play on Friday at 3pm and 7pm, and on Saturday at 11am and 3pm. Hope to see you all there! Go Cougars!


-Maria Alferova #1


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