Positive Team Chemistry

Hello Cougar fans! It’s Brooke Gardner. I am a freshman outside hitter from Princeville, Illinois. I’m a two-sport athlete here at ICC, playing volleyball in the fall and softball in the spring for both of my years here!

I live in Campus Housing at ICC in a 2 person apartment with a softball player. My favorite thing about living here is getting to see my teammates outside of practice every day. Taylor, Maria, Kenzie, and Claire also live on campus just upstairs from me so most of my free time is spent with them! It’s nice having friends and teammates this close to you to help with homework, get rides together, or to just hang out! Lexie doesn’t technically live on campus, but with the amount of time that she’s at my apartment, it sure feels like she does! I think the friendships we’ve built by being together so much have definitely positively contributed to our team chemistry!
I am majoring in Radiography, which requires a lot of science. That means a lot of studying!!! Playing a sport and having classes 4 days a week can be difficult, especially when there are week night games where we don’t get home until late. That is why we use our time wisely during our study table hours to get ahead when we know there is an away week night match coming up. Also, we get Sundays off, which is a great time for studying and homework!
Last week we had our first home match against Illinois Wesleyan! Sadly, we lost in 4 sets. On a better note, we played in the Lincoln Land Community College tournament this past weekend and finished 3-1. We beat Black Hawk College in 3 sets, Lake Land in 5 sets, and Millikin JV in 3 sets.  We fell to Mineral Area College in 4 sets, but it was a hard fought battle!
This week, we have an away match on Wednesday against Frontier at 6:30 pm. This weekend we will be at the Kirkwood Tournament in Cedar Rapids, Iowa!
Come and support us!
Brooke Gardner #13

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