Let The Games Begin

Hi Cougar followers, Claire Milnes here. I am an incoming freshman middle hitter from Prophetstown and I am excited to get the chance to write to you this week!
The start of this week brought new changes to the world of our team, as it was the first week of school. This means that our two a day practices were replaced by classes. After class we all meet at back at the Cougarplex for practice 3-6. As nerve racking as the first week of school can be, I personally am glad its here and out of the way.
Sadly, this is our last week with Karen. To utilize our time left with her, we took an hour out of our practice time to work specifically with her. This hour was spent in a classroom doing team building, goal setting and mental training. This extra training helps more on the court than one would think. It reminds us that our mental shape and focus is just as important as our physical performance. For example, we had to distinguish between the helpful and harmful choices we make every day. We discovered that we make an average of one hundred choices a day. That was a lot more than I expected. After discussing examples of these choices, we should be more equipped to make the helpful choices. Friday was our last day with Karen, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to meet and learn from her.
Now to shift focus to our physical training. During our floor time this week we have spent time focused on both individual and team system training. We even learned a couple new free ball plays to make our offense more efficient. It is exciting to learn these plays because when executed correctly it is great to watch and be apart of. This week Sue gave us a new revised season schedule and we discovered that our first game is THIS WEEK. This is exciting and a little nerve wrecking. I cannot believe that my first college volleyball game is this week! Wednesday night we will be traveling to Galesburg to play Carl Sandburg at 7 pm. Then we travel to Kankakee to play Friday and Saturday in a tournament.  I cannot wait to see our team in action after all the work we have put in over these past few weeks.
Thank you for listening and following our journey! Check us out on Twitter and Instagram!
Claire Milnes #10

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