Working Hard and Having Fun

Hey Cougar fans! This is Grace, returning sophomore middle/right side hitter. Preseason is officially over and school is starting back up. Summer flew by so fast! We have been very busy this week on and off of the court. During practices on Monday and Tuesday, we worked a lot on individual skill sets and then came together at the end to play 6-on-6 drills. Wednesday’s practice was mainly focused on a team building scavenger hunt around ICC’s campus! Janelle split us up in to three groups and explained what was going on. We had a list of pictures and videos we had to take within an hour. For example, one of the things we had to accomplish was taking a picture with a fellow athlete that was not on the volleyball team. My group ended up finding a freshman on the men’s basketball team!

We had a special visitor arrive at our third practice on Thursday. Karen, the woman who built the ICC Volleyball program, flew in from Texas to join us for a week. We love having her here to share her knowledge of volleyball and what it takes to be a successful athlete. In the classroom on Friday, we all learned about what kind of personalities we have, and what it takes to get along with one another. Throughout the week, Sue signed us up for different physical activity classes. On Wednesday, we were in a Body Flow class. This is a yoga, Pilates, and Tai Chi workout combined with controlled breathing and relaxation. On Friday, we were in a Zumba class. Our instructor told us to make a big circle around the room, and then we all took turns dancing in the middle (Sue even joined in on our dance party).

Saturday was the ICC Volleyball Alumni game. We had a bunch of previous ICC Volleyball players come back to play against our team we have now. It was fun to see how those previous players still have strong skills in volleyball. On Sunday night, all of the athletes at ICC attended an All-Athlete Mixer at the CougarPlex. We ate pizza and played some fun games including a water balloon toss, dizzy bats, and tug-of-war! It was an Olympic theme for the games. My team actually ended up taking first place overall! This was a great way for all of the athletes to meet before school begins. Thanks for checking in with us!

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Grace Aeschleman #2


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