The Cougar Scoop

Hey there, Cougar fans! Whitney Nichols here, returning sophomore outside hitter, to give you the scoop on our first official week of preseason. For starters, it feels so good to be back in the gym with my fellow teammates and new teammates, playing the sport that we all love. There’s just something about being in the gym and playing volleyball that gets your heart racing. It’s fun and exhilarating, and I’m incredibly lucky to be apart of it every day. All the fun started this past Monday, August 1st.

We started off with meeting at the gym to get the volleyball nets set up, all the balls aired up and ready to go, ect. Then we made our way to Midwest Orthopedic to visit our athletic trainer, TR, to have our physicals taken. Once we were finished, it was finally time to play some volleyball. Our first practice was a lot of 6-on-6 work which was great to start off with. We were able to gel together early which will definitely help us during season. After our first practice was complete of preseason, I was ready for bed to say the least. The next few days consisted of double practices, one practice in the morning and one practice in the afternoon. Each practice was where we really broke down individual skills and did rep after rep to make ourselves better. Not only does preseason consist of just volleyball practices, but we also intermix it with weight lifting, yoga, and yes, even Zumba! Yoga was great because we got to stretch our sore and tight muscles… not to mention, we got to relax a little. Then, there is nothing like finishing up our last day of the first week of preseason with a little bit of dancing. Zumba was definitely something that we needed to loosen us up as a team and have some fun. First week is over and many, many more weeks to go. Don’t forget to give us a follow on our Instagram and Twitter page. As always, Go Cougs!



-Whit #14


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