Back on the Court

Hey Cougar fans! This is Morgan Twing, returning sophomore setter and I am in charge of the blog this week. Summer for me was a little different than the rest of the players on the team, because I went back to my hometown, Rock Island. I still have the same training schedule, I just have to do it on my own. Although I was not in Peoria to play sand doubles, like the rest of the team, I did get a chance to play sand volleyball three times a week. Being away from my teammates and missing out on some of the open gyms and working opportunities was kind of disappointing.  However, being home with my friends and family was enjoyable. I was able to make it to the setters and hitters camps this summer.

This week is an exciting week for us Cougs because IT IS THE START OF PRESEASON!! Along with moving in to my new apartment with Paige, I am very excited for my sophomore year here at ICC. Although summer seemed to fly by, I know my teammates are just as ecstatic as I am to start the 2016 season. Some may be wondering what exactly preseason is and what we do. Well preseason is the two week period that we have to report to ICC to start training.  Sue always has a new activity and practice schedule for us every day to help keep things fun. We get special visits from our friend Karen who teaches us how to take care of our bodies during this busy time. We also attend different classes offered by the ICC Cougarplex, such as Body Flow, Zumba, and spinning. Preseason is pretty tough, with the early mornings and two-a-day practices, but we know how hard we have to work to have a successful season this year. Make sure to check out some of our matches this year to see how our hard work from this summer and during preseason paid off!


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