Two Weeks Until Preseason

Hey Coug fans!

I can’t believe that the summer is almost over, but in just two shorts weeks the Cougars will be hitting the floor for the start of our season. 

We have been busier than ever this summer with our workout class that many of us are taking. It is a Monday and Wednesday class that is from 6:30-8 AM. We have an awesome trainer that is with us for the class, her name is Sam. We start off doing speed and agility type things to warm up, such as high knees, butt kicks, lots of jumping and many more things. After that we hit the weights! I can definetely tell that my teammates and I have gotten much stronger since the start of the class. Even though it is quite an early morning for us we know that it will all pay off this coming season!

Another fun thing that we have to look forward to on Mondays is reffing and working our high school summer league that takes place at ICC. Each Monday night many high school teams from the surrounding areas come and participate in the league to get some more competition in before the season starts. We are in charge of reffing the games, scoring the games and working in the concession stand each night. It is fun to be able to ref the games so you can watch all of the great high school players from the area!

Aside from volleyball Darian, one of our setters, and I recently got jobs here on campus! We both work at The Fitness Center (CougarPlex). It is such a fun job to work at since it is on campus and really close to where I live. I also enjoy it because I not only get to interact with other athletes and coaches but also the community! It is such a fun atmosphere to be in. Not only is the CougarPlex a gym but we also have a smoothie bar where we make the most delicious smoothies and protein shakes for after a hard workout! Come in sometime and check it out to see what it is all about!

Check out our fall schedule link above, we will do our best to add in our game times to tournaments as the season progresses.  See you in the stands!

Paige  #8


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