Sand Volleyball

Hey Coug fans! Can anyone guess my favorite night of the week?!

Tuesday is the night I always look forward to! Why might you ask? Tuesday night is the night that the ICC Volleyball team, along with many other players, competes in the sand volleyball league held at the Peoria RiverPlex. My partner is our middle hitter Paige Pasley, Brooke Jacobs is partners with Leah Terbush an incoming freshman middle hitter.

Last year was the first year I had ever competed in this type of volleyball and I have been in love ever since. Rules in sand volleyball take time to get use to because they differ so much from indoor volleyball. Some of the rule differences are smaller courts, fewer players on a team (ICC Volleyball plays doubles.), teams switch sides every 10 points, and no setting. As a setter, avoiding the use of my hands was hard to remember, but I have improved tremendously in my ability to give my hitter a good set using forearm passing. Sand volleyball helps prepare us in many aspects. We use sand volleyball as a tool to increase our verticals, better our communication skills with our teammates, and become scrappy players.

I’m sad to say that sand is coming to an end but that only means our regular season is almost here. Bring on the volleyball!

If you would like to see the standings click on SAND.

-Darian #11


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