Summer Activities

Hey Coug fans!

Well, the busiest week this summer for us ICC volleyball players is over, but we had tons of fun! This week consisted of our summer weight lifting program, camp 9-12 and 1-4, and summer league! So let’s just say we spent more time at the CougarPlex this week then we did at home.


From 9-12 we had junior highers, and from 1-4 we had 4th-6th grade. It’s great to see all the kids who are passionate about volleyball just like us! We started out working on the basics: passing, setting, and serving. Then each day we got a little more skilled like hitting, defense, and more game like drills. All in all, the kids were excited to get to the playing time! The last day was the best for both age groups, because we got to play ladder triples! All the kids got to play different competition every round. Drills are what helps us to get better, but it’s always fun to end with triples. The action that us counselors got was to show how to do the drills before everyone split up on their courts. I usually demoed some of the passing, setting and serving drills. It was such a privilege to teach the kids all about the sport that we love this week! It gets me so pumped for the upcoming season. I hope all the kids had fun and learned a lot!
One of the girls in the younger age group brought in her selfie stick on the last day, so of course we gave it to Sue and made her take a selfie with everyone 🙂


Another great part of this week is that one of the former players, Savannah Fillion, stayed with us all week to help with camp! She’s from Missouri and one of my best friends, so it was great to get to spend the week with her!! An awesome addition to playing volleyball is you get to meet new people who become your forever friends. I’ve met my best friends through playing volleyball!

I’m also taking a summer class this year, Art Appreciation. It really helps that my teammate, Maria, is in it with me. It’s 2 hours and 45 minutes long.. So it can get kind of boring towards the end. Usually I have homework or quizzes/tests to study for and it helps to have her to study with! Gotta work hard to get all my classes done in two years so I’ll be able to transfer to a different college!

Officially a little less than a month until our first preseason practice! Are you as excited as we are?!

Also check out the schedule link we updated it with our fall schedule.
– Emily #5


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