Hey there Cougar Fans!

Hey there Cougar Fans!

This past week was our last full week of practices… sounds crazy, right!? Spring season flew by and I can’t believe my first full year of being a Cougar has officially come to a close. Only one more season of Cougar Volleyball to go for me! No better way to finish up a year of volleyball by going out and having a friendly competition against Freshmen vs. Sophomores. Sadly, there was no winner. But on the bright side, there were a lot of laughs and smiles.


This spring season, we learned a lot about ourselves. I believe that learning more about yourself, no matter if it is on or off the court, will help any player in the long run. Any sports player who has the right mindset and are willing to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, will achieve success. Spring season showed us as a team that not every game will go our way, but we must find a way to better ourselves the next game. If one part of your game is not going the way you want it too, focus on another aspect of your game that is going your way and “work it.” Volleyball is a sport that challenges you as a player day in and day out. In the end, those challenges that you face are well worth it… it’s what makes you great.

Now, back to the academic side of things. We officially have two weeks left of school, one week of classes and then stress week… or better known as FINALS week. So here’s to a lot of late nights of studying. Don’t forget to check out our website, and give us a follow on Instagram or Twitter to see what we have in store for this upcoming summer!

Like always, Go Cougs!

Whit #14


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