Hey it’s Kup!!

We just finished up our 11th week of classes, only 5 more weeks to go! Classes have been going pretty well. These past two weeks I have had three tests and a ton of homework! School always seems to get busy all at once, especially as the semester comes to an end.

This week for volleyball we had a discussion online about resilience. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult situations. We each had either a video to watch or an article to read about and we discussed how it related to volleyball and the team. It was interesting reading about what my teammates learned and how it applied to our team. The article I read explained the importance of being your best even when you are struggling. This past week in practice we have been preparing for our Bradley Match at 7pm that’s coming up April 19th. Come out and watch us if you can! We have been working a lot on defense, serve receive, and blocking in hopes to work on technique and skill. Spring season is almost over and summer sand volleyball will start very soon! I love playing sand volleyball. It’s great competition and it’s a blast. I will also be taking a class during the summer and working! I’m always busy!

Next spring I start classes at OSF for nursing school. I’m pretty excited to start nursing classes and working toward my career, but I’ll be pretty bummed I won’t be part of a volleyball team. Volleyball has showed me that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I believe the experiences I have learned from in volleyball will carry over to my experiences in the future and will help me work though my problems, especially working with a group of people. My love for the game will never fade and I hope to keep playing in some form or fashion, whether it is sand volleyball in the summer or playing in the backyard with friends and family! I will miss the game and I will never forget the memories shared with my teammates!


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