Individual Skill Workouts

Spring is finally here, and I am definitely ready for some warm, sunny weather! This past week of practices included working on a lot of individual skill work. We focused mostly on improving our blocking form and eye work this week. On Monday, one of our assistant coaches, Trish, brought in her iPad so she could film us during our drills. We would then go watch ourselves on the iPad while she told us what we needed to fix. I’m more of a visual learner, so seeing mymistakes on film makes it easier for me to correct them. By the time Friday came around, I was actually pretty sore from some of our blocking drills and workouts we had done. During practice and weight lifting on Wednesday, some girls decidedto wear funky shorts as you can see in the picture. At Thursdays practice, all of our“little” players were wearing green because it was St. Patricks Day, but none of our “big” players remembered to wear green.

Since we are almost half way through our spring season, it’s time to get back into some competition. On April 2nd, we will be heading to Illinois State University to play in a tournament. We will then travel to the University of St. Francis on April 23rd, and on April 28th there is potential that we may host a home blue and gold scrimmage. Come out an support your favorite Cougars!!

Lets take a break from talking about volleyball and move on to women’s basketball! On Wednesday, the ICC women’s basketball team advanced to the Final Four of the national tournament in Overland Park, Kansas. They moved on to the national championship and earned second place Saturday night. A huge congratulations goes out to the ICC women’s basketball team for an awesome season!

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IMG_3438      21600981528_2200e99d60_z

~Grace Aeschleman #2


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