Sand Volleyball

Cougar Fans! Hey! It’s Meg! We have had a fun past week here at ICC!
Tuesday was a beautiful day outside so we decided to embrace the sunshine and warm spring weather. Sue let us take practice outside to the Laura Bradley Park sand court! We played about 5 games switching up teams, working on our skills, having fun, and getting a little sun in the process!


Wednesday brought volleyball class. It is the beginning of spring season, so in order to track our progress as volleyball players and health wise, we participated in team pre-tests. These tests included a vertical max, a 20-foot sprint, a flexibility reach and an agility test. The agility test is composed of sprinting from one cone to the next while touching pieces of tape on the floor. The trick is they are fairly close together so you have to shift your body weight fast and push off your legs to get the best time you can. The last thing we did on Wednesday was the beep test. This is an endurance test. What happens is beeps are sounded in a pattern that gradually gets closer and closer together. We have to run from end line to end line before a beep noises, and if it sounds before you get to the end line, you are out. Sounds simple right? Well, let me tell you, it was a challenge! We all pushed ourselves to get the best score we could. Kup ended up being the one who endured the longest! We all loved watching her keep pushing herself even when the challenged increased.

On Thursday’s practice we finished our pretests. This time it was more strength related tests. We had to see how many push-ups we could get in one minute. Doesn’t sound like a long time but it feels like it when you’re doing it! You should try it out sometime! The next test we did was a squat test. For this test, we had to do as many body weight squats as we could. We had to make sure that our form was correct and that we touched the surface with our bottoms everytime. Michelle was like a machine during this test! She got over 300 squats! Once again, everyone loved cheering her on and watching her accomplish this feat.
Friday rounded up the week with everyone lifting on their own. It is important that we be faithful to this Friday lift because that is how we are going to become stronger and better volleyball players. The coaches expect us to be responsible and dedicated.

Sue is finishing up getting our spring competition schedule completed so make sure you keep checking our page for updates! Our first tournament is going to be April 2nd at Illinois State University so come out and watch us do our thing!

Shout-Out to our Lady Cougar Women’s Basketball team as they are at nationals this week! Bring home some hardware girls!!

Thanks for checking in on your Cougar team! Go Cougs!


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