Cougars say goodbye and good luck to Coach Lindsay

Well, we’ve been back into the swing of things for a month now. The last four weeks absolutely flew by. Even though this is our off season, we still find ways to keep busy!  This Monday will be our last practice ever with our beloved assistant coach, Lindsay Herman, as she takes a job in Texas. She has been with us the entire season helping us out on and off the court. Whatever we needed done, she would get it done. Lindsay helped us every game from getting our uniforms ready, to setting up the film equipment at games, to encouraging us from the sidelines. One time, during a game my feet were cramping really bad, and she ran all the way out to the bus to get me a banana that I could scarf down during a timeout! Her very charismatic personality and dedication to the team will most definitely be missed by the team and other coaches!

20259116433_0f952a1be0_kGood luck on your endeavors in Texas, Lindsay!

Starting next Thursday, we help run intramurals for students interested in playing volleyball for the next 4 week. We stick around after our practice, set the nets up and officiate the games. Of course it’s a laid back atmosphere and it’s always fun to watch students play who show interest in the sport I love.


I’m very excited to be back in school and on the court again. While Christmas vacation was a nice break from school and volleyball, I definitely would rather be playing volleyball, and believe it or not, studying.

There’s a lot to look forward to in the next few months, so come back and keep reading about your favorite cougars’ adventures! 🙂

Brooke Jacobs #12


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