See what Emily was up to this weekend…

Hey Coug fans!
The new year has started and it’s just as poppin’ as ever! First week of classes started and we got right back to it. This semester, all of us volleyball girls take a credited volleyball class where we practice anything from the dynamics of volleyball to complex drills. The instructor of the class is Tracy Heffren. It’s a lot of fun going from normal classes to playing volleyball with the team! After a hour and a half of being on court, we lift for about an hour. This class is every Monday and Wednesday, then on Tuesdays and Thursdays we practice with Sue from 5-7.
We are staying involved in the other sports as well! Some of us who live on campus go to the Cougarplex to cheer on the boys and girls basketball teams! Sometimes we have to work the concessions for their games. Paige, Michelle, and I are currently working the concessions for both the women’s and men’s games today to celebrate the legacy of women’s athletics. February 23rd is Athletic Academic Recognition Night which is when all of us athletes get recognized for our academic achievements. Many of us are apart of the Dean’s or President’s List for our GPA.

Since it’s our off season, I’m taking more hours than usual. I’m still maintaining my schedule with my classes, practice, and getting study hours every week. It’s pretty stressful at times, but it’s really nice having the Learning Lab and Math Lab on campus to help me with my homework or study for tests/quizzes.

I’m looking forward to our first Spring tournament in April! Go Cougs!

Emily Zelhart


One thought on “See what Emily was up to this weekend…

  1. Pat Anderson

    We are very PROUD of you and your team!!!! So glad that you are enjoying your classes.
    Jon is going to Semi Finals this weekend in Merriville!!!!
    Bob & Jan are here and will be going home tomorrow.
    We have been running here and there and Poppy is not feeling good today.

    Love you!!! Poppy & Grammy


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