Paige Pasley #8


Hey Cougar Fans!

Last Wednesday we played in our first regional game of the post season. We played SWIC and in order to advance we had to win, well we won! It was a fun match and we were so excited to be moving on! That win meant we got to advance to the semi- district finals game which was against Lincoln Land CC. We had exactly two days between games and that meant two tough days of practice to prepare for LLCC. Sue had many great people come into practice with us in those two days to play against us and help better prepare us. After those tough practices, it was finally Saturday! By winning that game we would have been able to go back to Arizona for nationals. Sadly our season came to an end this past Saturday in the semi-district finals game. Even though it was not the desired outcome, we still held our heads high! After that match they announced the 1st team all-region players. We had two Cougars make the team, Megan Beutke and Brooke Jacobs! It was very exciting for them and we are all so proud of them for receiving the award! It was well deserved!

Now that the season has ended that means more time for studying, yay…( I’d rather be playing volleyball). All we have to do is get through these next two weeks of class and then we will be on Thanksgiving break! I’m excited to be able to spend some time with my family and of course go Black Friday shopping! Soon after is the beginning of December is our Christmas break, which is even more exciting because Christmas is my favorite holiday! My roommates and I (Anna and Katie) already have Christmas decorations out. It’s hard to believe that my first season and semester are almost over, it has really flown by but I’ve loved every second of it! Next up for the Cougars in Spring Season!

See all of you Cougar fans in the spring, thanks for being awesome this past season!!

Paige Pasley #8


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