Emily Zelhart #5


Hey Coug Fans!

The regular season has sadly come to an end. Now we have District Finals and Semi-Finals next week. The Cougars are practicing our hardest to achieve what we have been planning for all season!

This past Sunday we had a Halloween Party at Sue’s. It was… interesting to say the least. The coaches weren’t just waiting in the house for all of us to arrive; they were dressed up themselves waiting in the yard to scare us all. I heard a chainsaw and knew I was going to be scared. It was funny watching all the girls run screaming from all the coaches. Some of us were very creative with our costumes. Morgan and I wore masks from the famous movie The Purge. We bought dresses that had fake blood splattered all over them and toy guns from Wal-Mart and spray painted them black. We looked pretty scary! My favorite costume was Shannon’s, she wore a raincoat, rain boots, and carried a huge umbrella around with Beanie Babies attached to the umbrella, as if it was raining cats and dogs! We had a nice home-cooked dinner, made s’mores, and watched a slide show of all our favorite pictures and videos from this season. It was fun, like always when the whole team is together.


Friday we played Waubonsee at home for Sophomore Night. It was great to recognize all the sophomores and we won in 4 sets! Us freshmen pitched in a few dollars to do something special for the sophomores. We got them all a frame of the picture of us from downtown St. Louis at one of our tournaments. They loved it! After the game, we went into the classroom and had cake & cookies with all the families. It was a great sophomore night and a great start to the Halloween weekend!


We have two days to practice before our first post-season game against SWIC on Wednesday at home. We will be working hard so we can achieve what we have been wanting to all season: going to Nationals! Come out and support us at the Cougarplex on Wednesday at 6PM!!

See you there and Go Cougars!

Emily Zelhart #5


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