Darian Baldwin #11


Hey awesome Coug fans! It is sad to say that we are reaching the end of our regular season schedule, but that also means its time for our regional games. All the hard work we have put in is about to pay off. I think I can speak for all the Cougs when I say I’m ready for another trip to Arizona.

This past weekend, we traveled to Missouri for our last tournament and we ended 1-3. I know that doesn’t seem like the greatest, but it is a very good experience before region games begin. The teams we faced were D1 junior colleges, which gave us more experience playing against fast pace teams. At the end of our huddle, Sue asked us what we could take away from the weekend and almost everyone had something to add. Like TR said,  “You win some, lose some.” Sometimes you have to accept the result and be ready for what comes next, and next for us is our region games.

One more thing- we added a game this Friday (Oct. 30) at 3PM against Waubonsee Community College. It will be our “Sophomore Night” so make sure you come out and give our sophomores a big cheering section! If you can’t make it, you can tune in live or you can come out to our first region match next Wednesday (Nov. 4) against Southwestern Illinois College.

Go Cougars and Happy Halloween!

Darian Baldwin #11


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