Anna Crank #15


The Cougars are back!

We had the opportunity to travel to Arizona! We not only had fun playing volleyball but also got to do a variety of activities. We flew out last Wednesday and arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. When we stepped outside the temperature difference was drastic. Most of the week we were in the 90’s! We played four games overall. Wednesday we had the night to unpack and relax.


Thursday we did study tables then had pool/sun time. Let me tell you, the whole team loves sun time! After that, we had a game at seven against Scottsdale. You would never guess it, but their mascot is an artichoke! They even had the artichoke mascot there dancing and strutting his stuff. We fought hard against Scottsdale and took them to five games. In the end, we lost, but overall we were proud that we fought back and still keep improving.


Friday, we had the opportunity to climb Hole in the Rock. This is a short trail that takes you to a large rock with a huge hole in it (ironic right!), and a wonderful view. After adventuring and taking many pictures the team headed to the closest mall. We had a certain time limit and I think everyone took that time limit seriously, because everyone was carrying at least two bags of stuff by the time we had to be back. Lets just say I think the Cougs know how to shop 🙂

IMG_4995 IMG_4122

After our shopping trip we played Glendale, an undefeated team that won nationals last year. We didn’t go home with the win, but again just playing that competitive of a team really helps us to become a better team in the long run. Saturday, we had two games scheduled. We played two more teams from Arizona. We didn’t come out as strong the first match, but the second match we truly came out ready to play a competitive match. We played very well as a team and learned that we are capable of so much.

After our Saturday matches we got to go back to the hotel to get ready to go out to dinner at Rustler’s Rooste. We all did our hair and put on our dresses and heels. Since half of us are already 6’ many people gave us shocked looks when we appeared to be 6’5’’ with our shoes on! But, we just responded with a smile and an answer to their questions, “Yes we are on a volleyball team”. The restaurant was amazing and was a very fun atmosphere. There was even a slide that you could ride from the upper level to the lower level and let me tell you it was so much fun!

IMG_4154 IMG_4142

Our coaches surprised us with an appetizer of rattlesnake and cactus. Everyone tried the rattlesnake except one person who happens to have a legit reason because they are deathly afraid of any snake, and maybe have the fear that even a cooked piece of snake could come alive at any second! I mean who blames them right?! Oh, and that person might have been myself…. But, I did try the cactus which was extremely yummy.


Overall, we had an amazing trip in Arizona and have learned so much about our teammates and ourselves. You can look at more pictures from our trip on the picture tab above! We have improved immensely and will keep putting in the hard work for practice this week. This upcoming weekend we have a home tournament and would love for all of our fans to come out and support us! See you Friday and Saturday! 🙂

Go Cougars!

Anna Crank #15


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