Whitney Nichols #14


Hey there Cougar Fans! 

My name is Whitney Nichols and I am a freshman here at ICC. This season has been a fun rollercoaster ride. Season is going by so quickly and I don’t think any of us want it to end without a ring. Everyday is a new day where we work hard and have fun together as a team. 

This past week was a great learning experience for us as a team. We ended up winning both of our matches. Our first match was against Lewis and Clark where we were able to overcome some of our difficulties and win the match 3-1. After the match, Coach Sue Sinclair pulled us over and asked us, “Are you guys really happy with that win?” In all honesty, we were not happy. This team has so much talent, but there are times where we don’t play our style of ball. We sometimes break down and play to the other team’s level. We were reminded that we need to break down the other team with authority at the beginning of the game and not let our opponent back in. Also, that we need to become those “Pitbulls” that TR always reminds about. Volleyball is a game of momentum and if we have that all game long, no one will be able to stop us. 

Our second match was another learning experience for us. We found ourselves four teammates down that game, meaning we went from 13 girls on the team to 9. It was crazy! But, when it came to game time, we were focused. We played that game for those four teammates who couldn’t be out on the court with us that night. We ended up coming away with a 3-0 sweep over Lincoln College. After the match was completed, the team ended up signing posters and taking pictures with some volleyball campers that attended the ICC Volleyball Camps over the summer. It felt so good to see those campers and their smiling faces back at the gym. 

This coming week is a BIG week for us. We take on #1 Parkland and then travel to Phoenix, Arizona, where we will take on three of the Top 5 nationally ranked teams. Win or lose, I’ll still be proud of my team. Don’t forget to give us a follow on Instagram or Twitter to see what crazy things we might be up to.

Go Cougs!


Whit #14


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