Savannah Fillion #13

Hey Cougar fans!


My name is Savannah Fillion and I am a sophomore at ICC. We are approaching the middle of our season and still have a lot to look forward to. This weekend we had our first home tournament and we were excited at the chance to play some very competitive teams. After all was said and done, we walked away 2/2.

After our loss on Friday night, the team was upset but knew we could potentially see Lincoln Land up to three more times this season. This happened to be my favorite match of the weekend because of the high energy and intensity that sustained us throughout the match. The first game against them ended with an ace from Michelle Kelly. The ace was awesome but that wasn’t even the best part! After her ace, she ran into the circle to celebrate with the team but completely biffed it. She jumped and landed straight on her back and it was so funny that I fell over laughing three times.

Even though we lost our game Friday night, I think the intensity and power carried over to Saturday morning when we took our first match in three. The team had a break so we went into one of the classrooms where the parents had set up three tables of food for us to gorge on. As a college student, nothing is better than the words “free” and “food”. That was the moment I realized I am so grateful for volleyball, not just because of the love of the sport, competition or team interaction but because… I would honestly get fat without it (food=life). Anyway, our second game of the day went poorer than the first. We lost to Sauk Valley in five sets after winning the first two games. We will take this as a lesson to be learned and not a defeat. The energy and communication dwindled down as the games progressed, but we are determined to not let that happen again, against any team.


This upcoming week we play Lewis & Clark away on Wednesday night. If you follow our Twitter page, you can get game by game updates. We also play Lincoln College on Friday home. I am excited for a Friday home game because we have the best fans in the world. I can’t wait to walk into our gym and have a whole section of our students and family cheering and supporting us the whole way. Also, it’s Camper Night on Friday! All the campers that attended an ICC volleyball camp this summer can show up in their camp t-shirt, get free admission, and cheer us on against Lincoln. I hope we come out firing and show everyone what kind of team we know we can be.

See you all on Friday night and go Cougars!

Savannah Fillion #13


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