Brooke Jacobs #12


Hmm.. life of a freshman student athlete.. not going to lie, it’s not a walk through the park, but it’s definitely manageable.  Throughout high school, I was a tri-athlete for three years and played two sports my senior year, so I have gone through school and had practices/games everyday for the last four years. High school prepared me for the long nights of getting home late from games and then somehow finding the mental power to study for two tests the next day. BUT I can say college is nothing like high school. It is harder, but I love it so much more. Playing volleyball gives me at least three hours a day to forget about the stress of a big exam or the three papers that I need finish by next week. I think playing volleyball makes school easier. It gives me motivation to get to class and do my homework, not that I didn’t do my homework before, it just gives me that extra push to get it done. Now that I’m five weeks into school and seven weeks into volleyball, I have adjusted well and enjoyed the challenges thus far.


This past weekend we played some really good teams in Champaign at the Parkland tournament. We ended up going 2-2 on the weekend. I think that we put up a good fight in both of our loses, taking one of the matches to five games. We’ve definitely come very far from our first tournament and have a lot more improving to do! We will work very hard at practices and take the time to work on our weaknesses that were brought out during the tournament throughout this week.  

This weekend is our first home tournament. We play at 3pm vs Southwestern and 7pm against Lincoln Land on Friday. Saturday, we will play South Suburban at 11AM and Saulk County at 1PM! Come out to a game or two and show some support!

Go Cougs!!

Brooke Jacobs #12


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