Morgan Twing #7


Hey Coug Fans,

My name is Morgan Twing and I am a freshman here at ICC. This past weekend was a great learning experience for our young team. We ended our weekend with an 0-4 record, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. A lot of matches were neck to neck and one even went into a fifth game, but we just couldn’t finish. It was pretty hard losing this weekend, but we can’t let it affect our attitude, confidence, or our game. We are going to learn from this weekend and practice really hard to eliminate some of the errors we committed. First, though, we have to dig deep down and find our mental toughness. You must always stay poised and composed on the court and I think we lost that this weekend. If you are not confident in yourself or your level of play, then you will never rise to your standards. Like TR said this weekend, “You can’t rise to low standards.” We have to set the goal higher for ourselves and work harder to achieve them. The ICC Cougars are tough and we are going to prove we have what it takes to get to Nationals.

On a lighter note, on our way to Cedar Rapids we got to pass through my town in the Quad Cities to eat lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Arthur’s Garden Deli. They have the best sandwiches, soups, and potatoes which is a perfect pregame meal.


Not only did I have a delicious lunch but my mom surprised me by joining us for lunch. It brought little tears to my eyes, it was a great surprise and a great start to the weekend. It was tough saying goodbye to my mom, but even tougher not being able to order their frozen yogurt.


We loaded the bus up and headed to our tournament. Most buses may be calm but with Michelle and Savannah’s screaming and Megan’s loud music and great dance moves, sleep is sometimes impossible. Our Cougar Cruiser is a lot of fun and I am always entertained by my teammates and especially Savannah attempting to dance. By the end of the year I hope she can finally perfect “twerking”…. I hope. We know how to have a fun time, even despite our losses.

We have a full week coming up before our next games at Parkland this weekend which gives us plenty of time to prepare. Good luck to my teammates on more tests this week! Come check us out this weekend in Champaign or follow our games via Twitter.

As always, Go Cougars!

Morgan Twing #7


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