Katie Kupferschmid #9


How’s it going Cougar fans?!

Happy Labor Day! This weekend was a successful weekend for the team and an important weekend for our region ranking. We faced Lincoln Trail and Rend Lake, both teams in our region! We all loaded up the Cougar cruiser and traveled about four hours to play Lincoln Trail. On the bus ride there we watched an
inspirational movie about the Nebraska Univeristy Volleyball team. This
video was really inspiring and understanding the importance of working as a team, trusting our teammates, and being comfortable with being uncomforable. We then stopped at Ryan’s in Champaign for a meal and drove the rest of the way to Lincoln Trail. We beat Lincoln Trail in three sets! After the match we loaded the Cougar cruiser again and traveled about two hours to our hotel near Rend Lake. It seems like a lot of driving, but trust me, it was worth it. Once arriving to the hotel some of the teammates decided to swim for a bit and others used the time to relax and get a little studying in before lights out. In the morning, we had a great breakfast and drove to Rend Lake college. We played Rend Lake and won in 4 sets. We then played East Central and won in 4 sets! Needless to say, it was such a successful weekend.

This coming week most of the girls, including myself, have our first tests in our classes. Wish us luck! This week (as far as volleyball is concerned)  we play Frontier at the good ol’ CougarPlex on Tuesday, Sep. 8, at 7PM. You should come check it out! At the end of the week we are traveling to Kirkwood in Iowa for the Kirwood tournament. The teams at this tournament will be great competition for us. With practice, purpose, poise and persistence, this team can accomplish anything! Wish us luck on our journey ahead and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates!

Go Cougars!

Kup #9


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