Grace Aeschleman #2


Hello Cougar fans!

I have officially survived my first week of college. I must say, it is a lot different from high school, but I love it already! I arrived to all of my classes on time and I didn’t even get lost! The campus is like a huge snake, so it’s pretty simple to find your way around. Making new friends in my classes was easy, but it is weird not seeing any familiar faces around me. Since I am a collegiate athlete, getting good grades is really important. My teammates and I spend time in the study labs at ICC and work on homework together. The study labs have tutors who help us with our homework in the subjects that we are struggling in.

This weekend, my team and I boarded the cougar bus and headed to IVCC to compete in our first games of the season. At noon on Saturday, we played against Rock Valley. We beat them in the first set, but they came back to beat us in the second set of the game. We ended up taking the next two sets to win the match!  The next game we played was against IVCC. We took the first three sets and won the game. The Cougars loaded back onto the bus, but we weren’t headed home yet! We cruised on over to Long Point, Illinois, hometown of Megan Beutke where we were fed a wonderful meal, swam, and made s’mores! We would like to give a huge thank you to the Beutke family for opening up their home to us and for providing us with a great meal!

This weekend we will travel to Lincoln Land Community College! We’ll have games on Friday and Saturday. Don’t forget to follow our Twitter page (@ICCVolleyball) for live updates on all of our games!

Go Cougs!

Grace Aeschleman #2


One thought on “Grace Aeschleman #2

  1. Mary Beutke

    You are so welcome Grace! It was a fun way to end the day! Congrats on your wins! You are all such great girls and we are very excited to get this season rolling!! Go Cougars!!
    Ken and Mary Beutke

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