Shannon Kempf #10


WAHOO! Preseason has finally come to an end and guess what that means… GAMES! Start getting pumped fans because this is about to be one awesome season!

I’m a freshman and of course that means I’m a little nervous. It’s a whole new atmosphere, team, and ball game. At our very first practice of preseason, myself and the other freshmen were introduced to team building. One of our assistant coaches, Janelle had different types of games for us to help build our team. Most of the games promote trust, encouragement, working together, and some help get to know each other better. They are always a lot of fun and I look forward to them!

Last Thursday ended up being a huge test for our team.  For our second session of practice, we loaded the bus up and headed to Great Oaks Camp in Lacon, Ill. Great Oaks is a campground that has many different activities including a high ropes course. Yes, a HIGH ropes course. This was a great opportunity for team building.

For many, including myself, we were just a bit nervous. We weren’t exactly sure what to expect, but all of us were excited to tackle this hands on with one another. Throughout the different obstacles, we faced challenges and fears.  We were moving through the high ropes course at our own pace but we also had to work as a team. There were times when people needed help maneuvering, getting untangled, or maybe just a little encouragement. While being on this course it helped us put our trust into our teammate’s hands. It helped us overcome fear and feel that satisfaction of accomplishment. We worked together as a team and now we are ready to go out and conquer.

This week will be a little crazy with classes starting and our first games coming up, but I’m really looking forward to this season. It’s going to be AWESOME.

Go Cougs!

Shannon Kempf #10


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